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The PAPARAZZI Reform Initiative was founded in February, 2009, to educate the public on the paparazzi industry, push for new stronger privacy laws and effect reform that restores order to our streets and privacy not only for those in the spotlight, but for everyone. 

The intent for this website is to act as a clearinghouse for information regarding thepaparazzi:  news stories, video, commentary, an overview of the industry and our progress toward reform. 

Ultimately, this Initiative* is part of a much larger issue confronting all Americans in this ever increasing digital age:  personal privacy.  Though this site specifically details the situation facing those with fame and the paparazzi that pursue them, the issues are the same for everyone.  Does a coworker have the right to put your photo on the internet without your permission?  Could they sell your photo to a marketing company in Russia to use in an advertisement without your knowledge or consent?  New digital technology emerges constantly and the laws in this area are undefined.  In the end, we believe all individuals, famous or not, have the right to personal privacy while engaged in non-newsworthy events. 

Causing the needed change to this industry and in the broader sphere of personal privacy rights requires like-minded people and groups banding together for a common beneficial purpose. It requires all media to agree to a new CODE OF ETHICS regarding the use of paparazzi-generated photographs. It requires brilliant lawyers finding effective ways to enforce reform. Ultimately, it requires everyone getting educated on the problem and TAKING ACTION.  We at The PAPARAZZI Reform Initiative invite your ideas and help to make reform a reality.


* The definition of "initiative" used here: "a new action or movement, often intended to solve a problem." 
- Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary