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Do the paparazzi drive away positive role models for our kids?

Posted by admin on April 29, 2009

From the website NJ.com comes this refreshing piece by Amber Watson-Tardiff:

'Britain's Got Talent' star Susan Boyle has public meltdown
Friday, May 29th, 2009

"Have you ever wondered why we don't have more good, clean entertainment for our children? I'm thinking it has something to do with the way we, as society, treat our entertainers...

If true stars like Susan Boyle continue to go in hiding due to the actions of the paparazzi, the only people left to influence our kids will be teeny-bopper fame-starved starlets who will do almost anything to catch the public eye (I think you get my drift without naming names here)." See full article HERE.

Ms. Watson-Tardiff is very astute in understanding that if we harass those artists that get to the top, if we make their lives miserable by constant badgering, what kind of incentive will that provide to artists in general to come out and share their talents with all of us? 

Bottom line:  without art this planet we live on would be very, very dreary.  Why hammer away at individuals who provide us with music, literature, movies, sculpture, paintings and in many cases, inspiration?


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