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The Paparazzi and Heath Ledger's Sandblasted Dignity

Posted by admin on February 28, 2009

The following excerpt was written on March 1, 2009 by Eddie McGuire, a well-known journalist in Australia. The full article can be found in the Australian Herald Sun.

"...Ledger's life was made miserable by the paparazzi. He bought a prized possession, a beachfront home in Sydney's Bronte. 

Unfortunately for Ledger, even at his level of celebrity he did not anticipate the war that would be waged on him and his privacy. They have a term for that in the Sydney media - it's called "hosing". The term evokes images of the paparazzi mentality of going after someone in the manner of a prison guard with a high pressure nozzle hosing down a naked prisoner. 

Not only is it designed to strip bare a person for the world to see, but also to sandblast their dignity. 

Further, you may remember, the paparazzi then attacked Ledger on the red carpet, firing water pistols at him. They may as well have been bullets, such was the shock and impact."

It is hard enough getting through life without our "friends" pointing out our flaws and frailties to us and others. 

To put it in the proper scope, the paparazzi act like a Hubble-size magnifying glass pointing out to the world real (or usually invented) flaws in our most popular artists.  To say that the paparazzi's intense scrutiny does not inflict its own wounds and contribute to the implosion of some of our most beloved personalities would be simply unobservant. 


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