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Where do we go from here?

Posted by admin on November 22, 2011

It has been over a year now since Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law California Assembly Bill 2479 which, among other things, increased the penalty for paparazzi driving recklessly while in pursuit of a photograph for sale - and even more penalties when their reckless driving endangers a child riding in the car they are chasing. 

Before this bill was signed into law, we heard reports of the paparazzi NOT chasing as much, especially when they knew children were in the car.  It is gratifying to see the bills enacted in 2009 and 2010 have done their job acting as a deterrent to the paparazzi and the organizations that purchase paparazzi photos. 

At least on the surface things seem a bit calmer out on the streets.  We have received sporadic reports of aggression or violence by the paparazzi but it seems much less than when our organization launched in 2008. 

Though we are not actively pursuing paparazzi-reform legislation at this time, we remain watchful and ready to move back into greater action if the aggression increases again. 

We welcome all reports of good or bad paparazzi behavior.  You can send us an email, photos or video. 

Thank you to all those that support our work and we hope that the paparazzi continue following the new laws and being better behaved, but if they don't, we're ready to return to greater action. 


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