Take Action

Take action

Change will only happen if we all speak up. Here are some things you can do:

1Buy and wear a paparazzi-reform hat or t-shirt from our Zazzle account.  A small percent comes to us to help support the cause and the shirt helps spread the message.  (We are a California 501(c)4 tax-exempt non-profit corporation.)

2.  If you see paparazzi breaking the law, call 911. Tell them exactly what is happening and that you need assistance. If you can do so safely, capture the paparazzi in the act of breaking the law on film and send it to us to post on this website. Make sure you capture any license plates and faces for possible follow-up by law enforcement officials. To upload video, click HERE.

Then write a letter or email to your local police chief or sheriff and tell them exactly what you saw and that you want them to enforce all existing laws to help bring the paparazzi under control. You can find addresses to the two main law enforcement officials in the Los Angeles area HERE. If you live in another area, look in the phone book or call information and get the address for your local law enforcement officials and contact them. This lets them know there is a problem that needs handling!

3. Print out and mail the HUMAN PRIVACY AND RESPECT IN THE MEDIA CODE OF CONDUCTform to all magazines, TV shows and internet sites you think need to adjust their policies toward the photographing and videotaping of celebrities. You can find the addresses to a number of the largest organizations HERE. Make sure you include a letter to them regarding how you feel about this problem. Send us a copy of the letter by MAILor EMAIL for us to post on our site!

4. Write letters or emails to the elected officials in your area (mayor, state representative, Congressperson, President). Links to help you find these officials can be found HERE.

5. Tweet and post on Facebook the link to this website and tell people to check it out. The more people that know about this problem the easier it will be to create change.

6. Link to us on your website or Facebook or other social networking page.

7. "Like" us on FACEBOOK.

8.  Follow us on TWITTER.

9. Write about the issue in blogs and other places on the internet.  (Want to blog for us?  Contact us and tell us more.  We welcome your help.)

10. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Let the readers of the paper know about this issue.

11. Don't buy any tabloid magazines! The economic message will ring very loudly.

Let us know what you are doing. Remember, have fun doing it!