Turn Cameras on Them

Turn the cameras on them

IMG_0131.JPGOne of the first aspects of reform is educating everyone on the problem.  It is important for the public to understand what the paparazzi do, how they act and how dangerous their pursuit can be.

Additionally, no one doing something they deep-down know they shouldn't likes to have the attention turned on them.  It is basic human nature to avoid the spotlight when one's conscience isn't clear.  Not that we expect the paparazzi to run away in droves when you start videotaping them or taking their picture, but you never know, some might!  And it never hurts to give people a taste of their own medicine to show them how it feels.  If nothing else, it might make you feel better. 

Here's what to do: 

    1. Always carry a camera or video camera with you when you leave your house.  Have your assistant, friends and security do so as well.  
    2. When you run into paparazzi, photograph and/or video everything they do and say.  Don't antagonize them by saying anything - just quietly record everything as you try to go about your business.  Get clear shots of faces and license plate numbers (if possible) so law enforcement officials can follow up on any paparazzi shown breaking the law.   
    3. Send us your VIDEOS or PHOTOS for display to further educate the public regarding the problem with the paparazzi.  Education is vital to solving this problem.   
    4. If you want more people to understand this issue, wear a t-shirt or hat emblazoned with "www.paparazzi-reform.org", "pap-reform.org" or "SNAPthePAPS.org" - all are web addresses for this site.  When the paparazzi capture your image and the resulting photos and video are published, the public will see the web address and come here to view the photos and video youcaptured of the paparazzi! It is all part of the campaign to educate the public and get them to help with reform.    
    5. Most of all, have fun!.  This is your opportunity to turn the cameras on them!  Let us know how it goes!